Entrance billboard of Guangzhou Canaan Wholesale Clothing Market (Photos:Gbooza!)

Guangzhou Canaan Export Wholesale Clothing Market, is located in the commercial district also know as the ‘chocolate city’ in guang yuan xi road,Guangzhou city,China.Established in early 2000’s,Canaan wholesale Clothing market is well know for cheap, high quality clothing,shoes and fashion accessories.

The entrance of Guangzhou Canaan Wholesale Clothing Market

It is an important destination for African traders, may be dubbed the "MECCA" of shopping for Africans in Guangzhou.No doubt Canaan Export Wholesale clothing market has positively boost Africa economy, improved livelihoods, gives hope to the low income earners, create jobs,put smiles on faces. As the name depicts, Canaan Export Wholesale market can be compare with the biblical Canaan land, a ‘Land Of Hope’.

African merchants busy with trading inside the market

Guangzhou Canaan Export Wholesale market is a huge commercial complex, fully air-conditioned, well ventilated with security and fire service. It accommodates various trading segments as: Shoes, Jewellry, Handbags, Garments,Jeans,Weavons,Baby wears etc.
A billboard inside the market,showing various trading segments in the market

In Canaan Export Wholesale market, most shops owners are Chinese, while 99% buyers are Nigerians and other African nationalities from Mali,Ghana,Senegal,South Africa,Uganda etc.No racial or language barriers,business transactions are always peaceful.


African merchants busy with trading

Popular African traditional wears as Lace,Brocade,Textile garments can be found in Canaan Export Wholesale market.Above is a billboard of one the dealers on African traditional wears displayed inside the market.
An Aerial view of central parking lot inside the market.Thousand of tons of goods are exported from the market daily.
One of the many business hallways inside the market
One of the many Jeans shops in the market
Bus destinations to Canaan Wholesale Market,in the 'Chocolate City'.Photo taken at Wangshengtang bus stop in front of the market.The market is close to Guangzhou railway station.

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