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Lessons of life

Every situation is a lesson to be learned. From the most mundane chores to the most complex projects, life is always ready to teach you som…

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0 Jun 19, 2011

Exceptional life

If you want to get lost in the crowd, do what has already been done. If you want to have plenty of competition, do only what is easy. If,…

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0 May 26, 2011

Life is what it is

Life is unfair, your problems are not your fault, no one understands you, and there’s never enough time. All of that is true and none of it…

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0 May 22, 2011

Begin and continue

Whether it is a small task or a life-changing project, the strategy for achievement is the same. Begin right away, and then continue for as…

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0 May 15, 2011

Bring your life to life

You don't need anyone's permission to live an outstanding life filled with exactly the kinds of experiences you want to have. You don't nee…

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0 Mar 13, 2011

How good life is

Value and appreciate the good times that you've known and the good things that you have. But don't worry about holding on to them so much t…

Posted by Spartan Arinze.

0 May 15, 2010


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