By Patrick Omorodion


Friday January 20, 2012, a Federal High in Abuja presided over by Justice Donatus Okorowo declared both the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF and its affiliate, the Nigeria Premier League illegal as they are not known to any of the country’s laws.

My friend Ademola Olajire, the NFF Chief Media Officer, wrote to some of our colleagues, trying to say that the judgment does mean much as the fotball house was already deep into formalising its change of name from NFA to NFF.

In his write up, he agreed that the Bill to effect the change of name has not gone its full course. Then one is forced to ask why was the NFA officers in a hurry to change the name of a property they do not own but was holding in trust for the Nigeria people through government

They argue that the change was in line with the approval they received from the Congress, made mostly of State FA chairmen who are in turn employees of the various State governments and the Federal Capital Territory.
Who really owns the property, the FG or the Congress members? If they know that the change of name can only be approved by the National Assembly, an organ of the government of Nigeria, why then the hurry to FIFA to give approval for what it doesn’t own.

The same government through one of its organs, the Federal High Court in Abuja has told Maigari and Co (though the illegality was started by Sani Lulu) that the change of name was not properly done, but instead of seeking audience with government to see how the change can be formalised, some impostors parading themselves as football administrators, as usual, have gone from behind to report Nigeria to FIFA, which has again in its usual diabolical nature, issued a threat to a sovereign country.

The Sports Minister/Chairman National Sports Commission, NSC, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi confirmed this in Lagos during the week. FIFA’s letter did not come direct to the minister through its Zurich office but was hand delivered by persons whose interest are more personal than national.

Nigeria is the only country where FIFA, a very corrupt body, going by the recent revelations from its highly placed members implicated in bribery scandals and sanctioned immediately to save face, that can’t even stand the British media how much more the British government, issues threats of sanctions at will for every decision taken by the Nigerian government, including querying football officials on misappropriation of funds handed to them in trust for tax-paying Nigerians.

Because Nigeria is the only country that lines out limousines to pick FIFA officials at our airports when they come visiting and collect huge sums of money from our corrupt football officials who now think they are bigger than the country, FIFA answers to any instruction these officials ask them to do for them, all to allow the fraudulent siphoning of our commonwealth continue.

The time has really come for the Federal Government to call the bluff of this FIFA and also beat our corrupt football officials into line so as not to create the impression that FIFA, through corrupt football officials here, run our government.

Thank God the minister has said he will be the last person to go against orders pronounced by a competent Nigerian court, so those running to FIFA to ban Nigeria from football better think twice this time.

Even as the minister assured that he will also not want Nigeria to ignore FIFA in addressing this illegality issue and has called stakeholders to proffer way out of the logjam, one bitter truth which most Nigerians, especially those benefiting from the confusion in our football would not want to hear, is that the solution to all the football problems lies with a former czar of Nigerian sports. The man too knows it.

He is the godfather of all those troubling our football currently and only he can call them to order. They owe him allegiance and not to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Minister should try this method and see if the crisis would not cease. If they fail to sheathe their swords, they should be treated as enemies of the country. That is what they are.

The dog should be seen to be wagging the tail and not the tail wagging the dog. God, our Almighty father, didn’t create it that way. If we don’t check the football cabal now, we shall ever remain slaves to them and the future of our youths jeopardized. Let’s all think about it.

via Vanguard

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I like this! God bless the writer. D man dies who is silent in d face of tyranny. "Soyinka"


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