Youku offering over 200 new movies to viewers with Lionsgate deal

(AP)---Chinese language video sharing site Youku (优酷) will be bringing viewers over 200 new movie titles thanks to a deal with entertainment company Lionsgate, it was announced on March 5.
The deal with Lionsgate is the latest in a line of distribution agreements the Chinese video sharing site has signed with large entertainment companies, including Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Dreamworks and Paramount.
Stand-out titles coming to Youku thanks to this deal include Hotel Rwanda, Monster's Ball and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The films will be available to watch for free via Youku movies (
Rival Chinese video sharing site Tudou (土豆) announced on March 6 that it has sold the rights for its teen drama series Love Oh Dear I Do to two Chinese broadcasting stations -- Shenzhen Media Group and China Anhui TV Station.
In October 2011 online analysts comScore placed Youku Inc. as the second most popular online video viewing destination with a global market share of 2.3 percent, followed by Vevo with a 1.8 percent market share. Google sites -- primarily YouTube -- were the most popular with a market share of 43.8 percent.

YouTube, the market leader also boasts a collection of free-to-watch movies which are available at

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