Son catches father bonking 13 year old sister

ZIMBABWE--The atrocious Lobengula West family scandal sounds like an African movie script as it sounds unbelievable that a girl (13) was being sexually abused by her father and brother. As if that was not enough, the older sister also revealed that her father was responsible for her first pregnancy.

Reliable sources close to the family said that the family's issue was complicated because it seems a lot was happening within the family (name withheld). The cat came out of the bag when the son caught his father and his 13-year-old sister having sex.

"It's surprising that one could have guts to have sex with his daughters. The son was the first person who discovered that his father was sleeping with his sister and that did not go well with him. He later asked the two what they were up to and all hell broke loose when his father told him that he was not winning the case and in pain of finding out that he was sharing 'his love' with his father, the son decided to inform his siblings about the father-daughter affair," said the source.

"The issue of arraigning their father was difficult for the children therefore they informed some elders in the family. When the meeting was called, the father absconded and when the girl was put to a question and answer session, she confirmed that she was sleeping with her father. To everyone's surprise she pointed at her brother saying he was also sleeping with her," added the source.

The elders then said that they could not continue the meeting if the head of the family was not around. Another gathering was scheduled for the following weekend. The sources said that the scheduled meeting was in vain as the father accompanied his daughter to the police and they filed rape charges against the son.

"The son was arrested for rape and the family elders could not do anything, but the other family members are bitter about the issue," said the source.

The son has since appeared before West Commonage magistrate on rape charges and was remanded in custody. A sister to the complainant said:

"I have got every reason to believe that my brother caught the two having sex because my father fathered my first child. Now it is a complicated case because it seems both of them were sleeping with my young sister."

via B24

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