Prophet caught red handed 'treating' woman who could not conceive

A self-styled Kuwadzana prophet was caught red handed by his wife cuddling and caressing in the arms of another woman at his shrine on Saturday evening. It seems the Biblical phenomenon of the temple prostitutes is back with a (((BANG)))

Prophet Charles Matekenya of the Zvakazarurwa Zvavapostori apostolic sect was caught red handed getting cosy with church member, the ironically named Chipo Mubonde at his shrine located at an area popularly known as Kuma-paddock in Kuwadzana. Chipo was giving him gifts of the sex reed type as her Bonde surname suggests!

Charles was caught by his wife Tendai Sizera (32) who was acting on a tip-off that the man of the spirit was being mad at the paddocks with the village wench. The couple was busy romancing under a tree, it is alleged. Tendai thoroughly beat up Chipo and she is currently recuperating at home in Mutoko after receiving treatment.

"I went with my neighbour and saw Chipo sitting on my husband's lap and they were so busy. She failed to explain why they were sitting in a compromising position at the shrine at that odd hour when everyone else was not there. After all Chipo knows very well that it is against church policy to receive prayers from my husband when you are alone. She was not receiving prayers for the garments were by their side and it was not her first time to ask for prayers separately from my husband," said the fuming Prophet's wife.

Charles did not deny that he was caught up close and personal with Chipo but he said his wife was exaggerating events. The hanky-panky was not right down to second let alone third base! He said he was merely assisting Chipo who had come to seek help because of her challenges in conceiving.

"Chipo was close to me explaining to me about her condition and we were NOT caressing or cuddling as my wife says. My wife always has been suspecting that I am having an affair with Mai Matsika (Chipo). But I am worried that taking her (Chipo's) skirt risky. My wife is so violent that is why she overreacted," said Prophet Charles.

Unfortunately Chipo has already received marching orders from her dear husband, who's only identified as Matsika and she has fled to Mutoko where she was receiving treatment after the thrashing. She said Tendai had long suspected her of dating her husband and she took advantage of the fact that she was receiving treatment alone with the prophet.

"I am now in Mutoko hospital after I was whipped all over my body and my head is swollen and I am struggling to walk. She threatened to stab me with a knife and I had to shout for help. It is not true that she caught us in a compromising position but she was after me since last year. My husband took advantage of the incident and gave me my marching orders," lamented Chipo.

However Tendai insisted that the two were up to no good under the tree at the shrine.

"In April I caught my husband at the passover feast discussing with Chipo about food over the phone and we brought it to the attention of the church bishop. Imbereko rudzii inonetsa munhu zvekugumbatira murume wangu manheru pasina vamwe? (What sort of conception problems are those that take my husband to cuddle with her in the dead of the night alone for them to be solved?). I took the skirt because I know my husband bought it for her when he has never bought me even new panties or dresses since March last year," fumed Tendai.

Chipo was contemplating on reporting the assault to the police while Tendai was also contemplating on pressing adultery charges against Chipo Mubonde!

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