Nigerian celebrity girls,always want to go naked.: HOTTEST CELERITY BOOBS


Let’s face it: we’re obsessed with celebrity boobs. Whether they’re baring them freely in films and photo shoots, or accidentally slipping a nip at parties or premieres, or even just wearing clothes that accentuate their puppies, expect people to ogle, take in every single detail and talk about it.

While some celebrity boobs have details that leave much to be desired, there are many of them that are indeed drool-worthy. Listed below are celebrities whose breasts have captured the public's imagination.Not that they have to be imagined to see. More than half have already shown us the goods in movies and other media.

This list of hottest celebrity boobs only includes those who I perceive to have all-natural breasts. There’s just something about fake boobs that turn me off; especially bad breast implants. But since I’m no expert, some celebrities with boob jobs may have sneaked into the list, or I may have missed someone who definitely deserves to be on this list, so feel free to point them out.


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na wa o!

i cant see it.

who's Ramsey calling?


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