Married woman who was caught TWICE having sex in car with boyfriend flees neighbourhood

The cheating woman who was caught having sex in the same car with the same man in Kuwadzana has fled her neighbourhood in shame. Tsitsi Chibuwe moved out of her lodgings at House No. 650, 30 Crescent Kuwadzana 1. She could not stomach ridicule from residents, it is alleged.

When we visited the house where she was staying, Tsitsi's property was outside awaiting transportation to her new house in Crowborough. Her landlord who preferred anonymity said shame had driven Tsitsi to vacate.

"I did not evict them, Tsitsi is the one who came to me in the morning and told me that she wanted to move out because she couldnt stand the ridicule from neighbours," explained the landlady.

Tsitsi's mobile went unanswered. Tsitsi and her cheating partner Lloyd Murambadoro grabbed headlines after they were caught having sex in a parked car three weeks ago. The couple was caught AGAIN red-handed having sex in the same vehicle in the wee hours of Wednesday last week. Lloyd Murambadoro and his MARRIED lover Madzimai Tsitsi Chibuwe, of the Johane Masowe Apostolic sect, were caught in the act by members of the neighbourhood watch committee who were patrolling the area last week.

"What made us anxious of what was taking place in the car was when we saw the car bouncing up and down like a see-saw. When we got there we found them both naked having sex on the same seat," said one of the Neighbourhood Watch committee members who caught the couple.

In the first occassion, Madzimai Tsitsi was caught by fellow members of her church having sex with Lloyd in a car after she sneaked away from their all-night prayer.

"We caught them in the very act and called you here. They locked their doors and dressed up. Madzimai Tsitsi has six children and the two are both married but she now brings shame to our church by her cheating. Her husband believes that she is with others at the prayer meeting when in actual fact she is satisfying her sexual appetite," said one of the church mates at the scene.

Lloyd, who appeared to be so drunk said he did not know Tsitsi that much since they met in a night club.

"I met her at a night club after I got attracted to her sexy legs and I do not know about her marital status. Members of her church failed top understand it before I heard them calling you and this is my first time with her," he said.

Tsitsi's husband Charlse Chikoshi, who doubted the first incident, eventually got convinced after the second incident that his wife was getting sexual gratification from another man.

"My wife worships at Johane Masowe church so she left the house saying that she was going for an all night church service and I allowed her. I did NOT even suspect that she was having sex just outside the house while I was fast asleep. I feel so betrayed but the problem is we have six children together so I just can't let her go like that for the sake of the children," the husband said.

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